Accessible Taxis in Philadelphia

As you may have read, the Philadelphia Parking Authority has proposed a regulation that would require all vehicles proposed for taxicab service in the city after a designated date to be wheelchair accessible.  Transportation is essential to the quality of life and independence of people with disabilities, and accessible taxis will make it easier for people with disabilities to live, work, visit, play and travel safely in and around Philadelphia.  If approved, Philadelphia would become the first city in America with a fully integrated and accessible taxicab system.

Those who are in favor of this initiative are encouraged to show their support by sharing a brief comment with the reviewing regulatory authorities through the following link:  Comments must be received by this Monday, July 13.

–Lauren DeBruicker



The Greater Philadelphia Chapter supports advocacy in local and state government for people with disabilities. Wheelchair accessible taxis would not only improve the lives of people with disabilities in Philadelphia, but also the aging population and visitors / tourists. Traveling with a mobility impairment can be challenging, especially if you require accessible transportation. Philadelphia has 1,599 taxicabs, only 7 of which are wheelchair accessible vehicles (Source: City of Philadelphia). In London, every taxicab has been wheelchair accessible since 1988. New York City has committed to 50% accessible vehicles by 2020. If Philadelphia had a completely wheelchair accessible taxi fleet, it would be the first city in America to do so. People who use mobility devices would be able to enjoy the same freedom and equality as able-bodied people to spontaneously get from point A to B. We can live in a society that does not handicap people with disabilities by supporting legislation that removes barriers.


For more information on wheelchair accessible taxis in Philadelphia and the pending legislation visit


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