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In 2011, I took a dream trip with Wilderness Inquiry to the far north of Minnesota about 3 miles from the Canadian border to go dog sledding which was a bucket list adventure for sure.  I spent four days at a lodge which was quite accessible once inside.  The lodge had large bathrooms with wheelchair accessible showers and bunk beds, friendly to those who used wheelchairs.  The guides were amazing and as with my Kayak trip, went out of their way to include all who were on the trip. For this adventure, there was more diversity regarding those with disabilities who partook on this trip.  There were three of us with physical disabilities, two of which used wheelchairs, and several participants with intellectual and mental health issues who found the experience exhilarating.

dog sled

kara's dogs

Now, once outside and as one could imagine in multiple feet of snow, getting around would present itself with great challenge. Not on this trip.  For those of us who needed to ride, they had sleds available that we got cozy in, and our human guides attached themselves to the sleds to pull us from our drive way to the cabin.  It was a dog sled trip before the dog sled trip I guess you could say.  They were our human taxi cabs throughout the weekend when we went hiking, camping outside and sightseeing the area when we wanted to.

snow and sun

One day I took an amazing hike all alone with some of the team, through a winter wonderland over two frozen lakes and into a part of the woods I never would be able to get to. Another world opened up to me with snow cascading over every tree limb and frosting rocks while it glistened in the snow. Water falls were in clear sight and although cold, made me want to dive in with its crystal beauty that flowed before me.

sleeping outside in cold

And if you like a little adventure, we even camped out one night in 10 degree weather with loads of protection right down the last piece of clothing we owned and candy bars to eat as we burned calories that night for sure.  The stars light show was amazing as we warmed in our personal sleeping bags that were placed in 0 degree sleeping bags laid on top of special padding to keep us protected.

And to end, the dog sledding was amazing.  As I sat in a sled, my guide directed the 12 dogs in front of me as they drove us through the woods. And the moment they are connected to our vehicle, they are ready to rock and roll as their howling says it all.


So if you want an adventure like this, go to www.wildernessinquiry.org as you will not regret it.

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  1. Hi,

    I would love to ask you more about your experience on this trip! My boyfriend is in a wheelchair, and we’re both adventurous, so I’m trying to find awesome things to do together that we will be comfortable doing.



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