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About 12 years ago, cousins of mine who live in Minneapolis MN introduced me to a great organization in the Minneapolis area called Wilderness Inquiry. They are a nonprofit organization that specializes in trips around the globe with many great outdoor trips.  In the U.S. alone they partake in Kayak trips, dog sled trips, canoeing, horseback riding and many other fun activities. Throughout the world they do some of the above trips such as Kayaking, but in Scandinavia, British Columbia and even New Zealand. And if you want another type of experience, they do Safari’s in places such as Tanzania and South Africa. This type of trip is next on my bucket list.


kara kayakingBut in 2004 after learning about WI, I took my first trip with them to the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior to go Kayaking. My very first time with them, I spent a weekend camping and Kayaking on glass water, seeing wrecked ships at the bottom of the lake, and amazing wild life with endless sightings of eagles.  Although my Kayak was not adapted to me as I have strong upper body strength, the team went out of their way to make it as user friendly as can be and they will do anything and everything to be inclusive to persons with many types of disabilities.  The Kayak I was in had a middle seat for my manual wheelchair and when we went to smaller lakes to Kayak on days when Superior was much too rough to play on, the team would carry me and my chair to the lakes mouth so I could get in the Kayak and go to town.  It was an amazing weekend and I kayaked all three days on the different lakes we were on.

Go to www.wildernessinquiry.org and check out their site for the many amazing trips they offer. To add: they do family trips, women’s trips, kids trips and large groups as well.

You will not regret this experience as it’s one in a life time for sure.


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